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Result do vary. However, when you follow the recommendations these results are typical.

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  • Meet Your Support Team  

    Karen Bowers
    Karen will go above and beyond and will literally do what it takes goal.

    With the support of our Applied Kinesiologist's Assistants you are guaranteed to reach your goal.
    If Sarita can't motivate and inspire you then no-one can.

    She can help you reach any fitness goal and has the diet tips and tricks to help you get as lean as you want.
    Tim Jennings Neither Rain nor Snow can stop Sam from helping you reach your goal.

    Tim is great at mixing things up to keep you motivated and on track to reaching your goal.
    Giao Dion will get you into the shape you have always wanted.<

    Every session is led and overseen by an experienced, certified Applied Kinesiologist Assistant. They are designed to be fun, supportive and easy, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time.

    Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our fat loss programs are modified to fit your goals and are individual customized to fit your body and fat loss needs.

    Your fat loss program is done directly with your coach who will be using a mixture of modalities which make the sessions fun, motivating, easy AND it makes the results happen faster than relying on only one or two types of approaches.

    So you get all the RESULTS you want quickly and for a fraction of the price!

    You see my certified Applied Kinesiologist Assistant and I get results fast (and safe). You will start seeing results starting from week 1. We get the job done!

    We have created a culture that has a strong drive and ethical commitment to achieve. We use proven and time-tested methods. You will see that we take no short cuts and use only the best and proven methods.

    ...Simply, our way works.

    Just Take a Look at Some Of Our Recent Transformations!



    Now I Know What You Might Be Thinking...

    > You have little to no time for yourself to get in shape

    > You have trouble eating packaged foods or workout routines

    > You hate starving without seeing results

    > You lack the motivation to lose fat

    > You don’t know where to start

    > You can't stick to restrictive and strict diets

    But don't worry... we've go you covered. The way our sessions are designed is to target abnormal fat around the waist, hips and thighs by:
    1. naturally increase your metabolism
    2. unload fat from the cells
    3. rid the body of toxins
    4. balance fat buring hormones
    5. eliminating hunger and cravings

    With the support of our Applied Kinesiologist Assistants and Community, you will have no problem sticking to the program so you will be able to finally see it through and get the results you want.

    Our sessions are easy, short and relaxing so you don't have to spend a ton of time in the gym working out and you will start seeing the results from day 1.

    Seeing all results everyone has achieved and achieving now will give you the motivation to show up even when you are ready to throw in the towel.

    We give you every thing you need to succeed. You get step by step instructions and unlimited consultations to keep you on track.

    Once you have eliminateds hunger our easy to follow nutrition program will help you tone up and change your mindset from "being on a diet" to finding that you really can live without cravings.

    You're not only going to Transform the way you look and feel but you will Transform Your Life as well.





    Here's What You Get With The Fit Body
    Transformation Challenge...

    Here Are A Few More Transformations! Will You Be Next?



    � Are you located at the hospital?

    No. We are located at 1190 South Bascom Ave. Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95128



    � What kind of results can I expect?

    Depending on how much fat you have to lose determines how much you can lose. The results you see on this page are very achievable through this very easy to follow and simple system. Individual results do vary. However, when following our program the results you see here are typical.

    � What's different about this program?

    No Hunger
    No Cravings
    No Shakes
    No Surgery  
    No Diet Pills
    No Packaged Foods
    No Medications
    No Injections 
    Exercise Not Required
    You Eat "Real" Food
    Patented Technology
    FDA Safe Technology 

    � How can I get ahold of you if I more questions?

    Call us at 408.293.2225
    Toll Free: ThinnerToday (844.663.7863)
    Email us at

    � What is your schedule?

    Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 6PM
    Saturday 10:00AM - 1PM